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10.     The Battalion Disbandments

10.1 Background

By the end of 1917 UK manpower resources were under strain, so the Government set up the Manpower Committee to examine and report on the matter. Its main recommendation with regard to the army was to reduce all UK infantry brigades on the Western Front from four to three battalions. In practice this meant that 141 battalions were disbanded and their men transferred to other battalions of the same regiment in the same or other divisions. At the same time each division received a ‘pioneer’ infantry battalion not attached to a brigade but forming part of the divisional troops.


10.2 The Disbandments in 62 Division

The 62 Div disbandments took place nominally on 31.1.18 and were 2/6 West Yorks, 2/6 Duke of Wellington’s and 2/5 York and Lancaster Regiments. At the same time 49 Div disbanded 1/8 West Yorks, 1/5 Duke of Wellington’s and 1/5 King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Drafts from these joined 2/8 WYR, 2/5 Duke of Wellington’s Regiment and 2/5 KOYLI, which then dropped their prefix. There were also other transfers of men from the disbanded battalions, both between the two divisions and outside them. On 12.2.18 9 Durham Light Infantry was transferred from 50 Div to 62 Div as its pioneer battalion. Thus 62 Division’s new order of battle became:-

185 Brigade               2/5, 2/7 and 8 WYR

186 Brigade              2/4, 5 and 2/7 DWR

187 Brigade               2/4 Y&LR; 2/4 and 5 KOYLI

Pioneers                       9 DLI

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