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13.     After the MICHAEL Offensive (See Map 1)


For the first few days of April, 62 Div enjoyed a period of rest and refitting until the night of 6 to 7.4.18 when it returned to the front to relieve 42 Div in the Bucquoy sector. The next fortnight or so was comparatively quiet and the division spent that time in strengthening its defences. During the nights of 23 to 24 and 24 to 25.4.18 37 Div relieved 62 Div, which then moved back to the Authie area, in Corps Reserve. The division remained out of the line for three weeks until returning to relieve 37 Div on 16 and 17.5.18. They remained in position for the following five weeks, during which trench warfare was carried on with patrols, raids and heavy bombardments mounted by both sides. During the month of June, in consequence of the losses incurred by the BEF in the German MICHAEL, GEORGETTE (Battle of the Lys) and BLUCHER (Third Aisne) offensives, a number of UK divisions were disbanded and the personnel drafted to other divisions as reinforcements. Accordingly on 1.6.18 orders were received that 2/7 WYR and 2/7 DWR were to proceed to base to become training cadres after reinforcing the remaining battalions in their respective brigades.

The 1/5 Devons and 2/4 Hants Regiment were to replace them in the 62 Div. On 16.6.18 the training cadres left for Boulogne and on 19.6.18 their surplus personnel proceeded to the Infantry Base Depot at Étaples. Thus 62 Div’s new order of battle became:-

185 Brigade        2/5 & 8 WYR,     1/5 Devon Regt.

186 Brigade        2/4 & 5 DWR,     2/4 Hants Regt.

187 Brigade        2/4 Y&LR,           2/4 & 5 KOYLI

Pioneers              9 DLI

The division was now losing its West Riding character: its personnel had, of course, long since ceased to be wholly West Riding territorials. 62 Div were relieved by 37 Div on 24.6.18 and went into GHQ Reserve in the Pas - Authieule - Amplier - Terramesnil - Hénu - Thièvres and Couin area, being warned to be ready to join XXII Corps at nine hours’ notice.


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