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15.     Interim (See Map 1)


After leaving the French V Army, 62 Div arrived back in the IV Corps area on 5.8.18 and camped at Pas, Vauchelles and Saint-Léger-lès-Authie. From 6 to 12.8.18 they were engaged in reorganization and training, then on 8.8.18 orders were received to disband 2/5 WYR. The men were to go to 8 WYR to fill it up to establishment of 900, the rest to go to other Yorkshire regiments in 62 Div. The disbandment took place on 13.8.18 and 2/5 WYR were replaced in 185 Brigade by 2/20 London Regiment, which reached 62 Div on 10.8.18 from Palestine. The New Zealand Cyclist battalion would have been returned to XXII Corps troops on completion of the Ardre valley operations, so the order of battle of  62 Div at this stage was:-

185 Brigade       8 WYR, 1/5 Devon Regt, 2/20 London Regt

186 Brigade       2/4 and 5 DWR, 2/4 Hants Regt

187 Brigade       2/4 Y&LR, 2/4 and 5 KOYLI

Pioneers            9 DLI

Only six of the ten battalions were now from West Riding regiments, though all were still territorial battalions. On 21.8.18 the 62 Div artillery supported 37 Div of VI Corps, 3rd Army, in an attack north of the River Ancre between Miraumont and Moyenneville. On 23.8.18 the Battle of Albert ended and 62 Div received orders to join VI Corps that night and relieve 3 Div around the railway east of Courcelles-le-Comte on 24.8.18.

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