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4.  German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line (See Map 1)

On 24.2.17 the German army started its voluntary withdrawal from the front line established at the end of the Somme (1916) battle to the Hindenburg Line, and the BEF followed it up closely, applying some pressure. 62 Division pushed forward patrols on 24th and began to advance on 25th, reaching the line Serre - Miraumont that night and Gomiécourt on 18.3.17. The divisions flanking 62 Division, viz 7 and 18, were converging and by 19.3.17 they met at Saint-Léger, squeezing 62 Division out of the line. The German withdrawal ended with the British line running just south of Bullecourt.


Link to a German view of the withdrawal.

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