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Rounded Rectangle: In the Great War

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9.  Post Cambrai (See Map 1)

62 Div spent the next month resting or in reserve behind the Arras front. On 4.12.17 they entrained at Frémicourt for the Arras - Bailleulmont - Blairville area, where they came under XVII Corps, the left flanking corps of 3rd Army. Two days later they were transferred to XIII Corps, the right flanking corps of 1st Army, and camped in the Frévin-Capelle - Capelle-Fermont area. On 8.12.17 they were again transferred, this time to I Corps, whose sector lay immediately to the north of XIII Corps, and camped at Vendin-lès-Béthune. Then on 17.12.17 they returned to XIII Corps and stayed in the Monchy-Breton - Magnicourt area. From 20 to 31.12.17 they were in XIII Corps Reserve. On 31.12.17 they were warned to prepare to relieve 56 Div in the Oppy - Gavrelle sector just north of Arras. They travelled to the front via Tinques, Maroeil and Roclincourt and relieved 56 Div between 5 and 9.1.18. From 9.1.18 to 8.2.18 they carried out routine trench duties on what was then a quiet front.


In this map and satellite photograph, Gavrelle lies at the centre with Oppy the next village to the north and Arras towards the bottom left. The River Scarpe flows eastwards from Arras across the broad lowland. For much of the war, the front bowed around Arras through the vicinity of the Autoroutes from top left, through the interchange, to centre bottom. Vimy Ridge lies in the top left, from the wood northwards.

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