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62nd Division Home Page.

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62nd Divisional Sign
“The Pelican”


My family has an interest in the 62nd Division as our father served in it during the central part of his time in the army. My brother had already investigated the relationship between the fragments of information in the mementos kept by our mother and the official histories so he wrote this outline of the division’s experiences.

The definitive work on this subject is Everard Wyrall’s “The History of the 62nd (West Riding) Division 1914—1919”, and due acknowledgement is made to this book for much of the information contained in the brief summary which follows.

That summary is divided into separate pages according to the stages of the division’s history so that it can be taken in short stages on the screen but there is another version laid out for printing for private use, should you prefer it. However, its publication is not permitted.



The links below go to the numbered sections, edited for viewing on your screen.

1 Origins

2 Home Service

3 Acclimatization to the Front Line

4 German Withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line

5 Battle of Bullecourt

6 Routine Trench Warfare

7 Battle Training for Cambrai (1917)

8 The Battle of Cambrai (1917)

9 Post Cambrai

10 The Battalion Disbandments

11 After the Battalion Disbandments

12 The German MICHAEL Offensive

13 After the MICHAEL Offensive

14 Second Battle of the Marne

15 Interim

16 The Last Hundred Days

17 The March to Germany

18 Casualties

19 Envoi


The links below go to the maps which are also linked from the text.

Map 1.

Arras Front 1917


Battle of Cambrai


Approach to the Ardre Valley

Map 4

Battle of Tardenois

Map 5

25 August to 17 October 1918

Map 6

18 October to 11 November 1918

Map 7

The March to Germany


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